Technology Services

We Assist Clients in Establishing Effective Technology Capacity

Technology Performance Assessment

The lack of independent, credible performance data is a major impediment to the development, dissemination and use of environmentally sound technologies. To help address this issue. Strategies for Change was asked by the United Nations Environment Programme to develop a strategic plan, framework and process for the environmental assessment, evaluation and verification of technology. Implementation of the plan included the preparation of background papers and a consultation process focusing on the needs of environmental technology users. decision makers and investors. Consultations have taken place in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Strategies for Change has also provided advice to UNEP on strategies for encouraging environmentally sustainable investments and has participated in the development of decision-making guides on a variety of technology-related issues.

Information, Knowledge Management and Reporting Systems

Reliable information and user-friendly knowledge management systems are essential for effective decision-making. Strategies for Change has provided advice to the Canadian government as well as the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) on environmental technology information systems, knowledge management and other mechanisms for promoting the adoption and use of environmentally sound technologies. The company has also developed a business and marketing plan for a tri-national environmental technology information clearinghouse.

Program Evaluation

Innovative technologies and approaches are necessary for achieving sustainable development objectives. The evaluation of these initiatives is important for monitoring progress. Strategies for Change has conducted an evaluation of a government sponsored university/industry technology commercialization program and an assessment of a major government/industry-funded climate change technology initiative. The company has also prepared a performance evaluation framework for the United Nations Environment Programme International Environmental Technology Centre.