We Provide Services in the following Key Sectors


The implementation of effective energy solutions requires the development and the deployment of technology, know-how and financial resources. Strategies for Change assists utilities, governments and international agencies in the development of energy and infrastructure policies and plans. Recent projects have included a review and strategic assessment of greenhouse gas emissions, reductions, policy advice on the verification of Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory, development of program criteria for Canada’s CDM/JI Office, an analysis of the environmental implications of electricity market restructuring in Ontario, and the strategic positioning of established and emerging energy technology companies within the context of Canada’s climate change action plan.


Developing water solutions requires the mobilization of financial and human resources as well as the capacity to understand needs and options. Strategies for Change advises national governments, international agencies and the private sector on technology, infrastructure and policies related to water supply and sanitation. Recent projects have included development of a cooperative framework to address African water issues, integrated watershed planning and management in the Philippines, sustainable water and wastewater management in Egypt, a review of national and regional watershed plans and capacity building requirements in Mexico, the repair and rehabilitation of water distribution and sewage collection infrastructure in Poland, and the application of phytotechnologies for enhancing water quality and ecosystem integrity.

Sustainable Cities

Urban solutions require integrated approaches which consider energy and material flows, as well as life cycle impacts. Strategies for Change provides services to assist clients in promoting eco-efficient urban infrastructure to meet the energy, transportation, housing, communication, water supply and sanitation needs of cities. The company has facilitated a number of workshops on the topic of sustainable construction in Africa, Europe, North America and Asia. Strategies for Change also played a major role in the development of the Melbourne Principles for Sustainable Cities.


Increasingly, organizations are seeking to integrate environmental considerations in developing their policies and programs. Strategies for Change provides services to assist these organizations in understanding the environmental consequences of their initiatives.