Market Assessment

We Assist Clients in Assessing Market Needs and Evaluating Market Opportunities

Market Assessment, Investment and Financing

Strategies for Change helps private sector and government organizations achieve their stakeholder objectives by assessing and evaluating market factors and investment opportunities. The range of projects includes the development of an industrial eco-efficiency technical assistance project to help companies improve their resource efficiency while reducing air and water emissions, energy use and waste generation. As part of this, a feasibility study and implementation plan were completed and a credit facility was established to finance the implementation of energy and process efficiency solutions, focusing on small and medium-sized manufacturers. This program has been operating successfully for over five years and is now being actively promoted to other countries.

Institutional Development and Capacity Building

Strategies for Change advises national governments, international agencies and the private sector on institutional development and capacity building related to technology and infrastructure. Work in this area involves the mobilization of financial and human resources, and the strengthening of local capacity to understand needs and options in developing effective solutions.

Stakeholder Facilitation

Strategies for Change has extensive stakeholder facilitation experience in over twenty countries. This includes the provision of strategic planning and management advisory and facilitation services to private and public sector organizations The principal focus is to mobilize resources and create productive alliances for solving complex challenges related to energy and water infrastructure, technology innovation, resource management, and organizational development.